SEXTO ANO (2000/2001)

As conexões (links) abaixo (próximo ao nome de cada episódio - mantidos no original, em inglês) direcionam para a grande coleção de fotos de autoria da página "Australian Xena Information Page", à qual creditamos as informações que traduzimos aqui as para o português.





Coming Home


Written by Melissa Good
Fed up with being mortal, Ares calls upon Xena to help him restore his godhood, unaware that the Furies are conspiring against him.

2 Montage

The Haunting of Amphipolis


Xena is forced to battle Mephistopheles (Anthony Ray Parker) when she returns to Amphipolis with Gabrielle and Eve to find her home haunted by evil.

3 Montage

Heart of Darkness


Xena fights to avoid inheriting the throne of Mephistopheles by devising a plan to turn the cocky archangel Lucifer (Alex Mendoza) into the King of Hell

4 Montage

Who's Gurkhan?


When Gabrielle learns that her niece has been captured by the vicious raider Gurkhan (Calvin Tuteao), she sets sail for North Africa on a rescue mission with Xena, Eve (Adrienne Wilkinson) and Virgil (William Gregory Lee).

5 Montage



Written by Melissa Good
Gabrielle takes a look at how she's come to kill out of instinct. 
6 Montage

The Abyss


Xena and Gabrielle are forced into a deadly confrontation with cannibals when they go in search of Virgil (William Gregory Lee).

7 Montage

The Rheingold


Xena embarks on a deadly mission involving her dark past when the Norse warrior Beowulf (Renato Bartolomei) approaches her for help.

8 Montage

The Ring


Xena must battle a monster of her own making to recover the destructive Rheingold ring she forged in her days as an evil warior.

9 Montage

Return of
the Valkyrie


Xena battles to regain her memory and reverse the curse of the Rheingold ring



Old Ares
Had A Farm


Xena (Lucy Lawless) disguises Ares (Kevin Smith) as a farmer to hide him from warlords seeking revenge.



Dangerous Prey


Directed by Renee O'Connor
Xena becomes the ultimate prey for the deranged Prince Morloch (Sandy Winton), who has been hunting and killing Amazons in his twisted quest for an adversay who can match his skills. Meanwhile, Xena teaches Varia the value of listening to the voice of experience

12 Montage

The God
You Know


The Archangel Michael (Charles Mesure) summons Xena to kill the now immortal Roman emperor Caligula (Alexis Arquette), who has been murdering innocents in his quest for absolute power.

13 Montage

You Are There


In an ancient world meets modern-day satire, a tabloid
TV reporter (Michael Hurst) stalks Xena and Gabrielle,
determined to get a juicy scoop on the Warrior Princess.

14 Montage

Path of Vengeance


Xena and Gabrielle fight to save Eve (Adrienne Wilkinson) from execution when she returns to Amazon lands to make amends for her past. This is where Eve is put on trial by the Amazons.


Back to Back Action &
Warrior Queen

To Helicon
and Back


When the Amazon Queen Varia (Tsianina Joelson) is kidnapped by a masked warrior, Gabrielle leads the Amazons to Helicon on a bloody rescue mission. Xena tries to save Private Ryan.



Send In the Clones


In modern-day New York City, three fans utilize cloning techniques to reproduce Xena and Gabrielle so that they can combat the evil in the world. But rather than awaken the “good” Xena they find themselves face-to-face with the “evil” Xena, who is being manipulated by her former running partner, Alti. Xena: Lucy Lawless. Gabrielle: Renee O'Connor

17 Montage

The Last of the Centaurs



Xena and Gabrielle become embroiled in a conflict between centaurs and Lord Belach (Marton Csokas), whose daughter has run off with one of the hoofed creatures. Xena has conflicted emotions, however, as Belach is the son of her past lover Borias and the centaur, Xenan (Hamish Hector-Taylor), is the son of the deceased Ephiny.

18 Montage Series (5)

Fates Collide


After escaping from Hades, Caesar takes control of the Fates' “Loom of Life,” which he uses to splice the past with a new future---a future in which
Xena becomes his wife and Brutus remains his loyal aide. In the rearranged world, Gabrielle is a playwright for whom Xena feels an intense attraction. Sensing their bond, Caesar charges Gabrielle with being an assassin, and orders that she be crucified. Xena: Lucy Lawless. Gabrielle: Renee O'Connor.

19 Montage

Many Happy Returns


While on their way to deliver Hermes' helmet to Thebes, Xena and Gabrielle save a young virgin (Katie Stuart) from being sacrificed by a group of religious zealots. Xena: Lucy Lawless. Gabrielle: Renee O'Connor. Aphrodite: Alexandra Tydings.



Soul Possession
name change from
Missing Pieces
(aka The Lost Scroll)


When an ancient scroll chronicling the life of Xena surfaces in the present, conflicts arise among the modern-day reincarnations of Xena (Lucy Lawless), Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), Ares (Kevin Smith) and Joxer (Ted Raimi).




Friend In Need
Parts 1 and 2

Friend in Need - Part 1

Friend In Need - Part 2

After six seasons, the adventure series bows out with a two-part storyline set in feudal Japan. Although executive producer Rob Tapert admits “there's no way we can satisfy everybody” with the finale, he does promise the resolution will “surprise and entertain” viewers. Part 1 opens with Xena (Lucy Lawless) being summoned to the city of Higuchi, where a samurai ghost (Adrian Brown) is fighting to enslave 20,000 people. It's revealed that Xena's dark past inadvertently caused the warrior to become the evil “Lord of the Dark Land.” So, with
Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) by her side, Xena vows to stop the slaughter in order to make amends for past misdeeds.

Part 2

Xena and Gabrielle face the greatest threat they've ever known when they go
up against the evil Yodoshi and an army of 20,000 elite Samurai warriors.