Edition #31 - special 

With Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar/Sela) and the "Trekkies 2" documentary crew.

June 28th 2003 - auditorium of the Journalists of Sao Paulo State Union.


Denise Crosby, actress who played two roles (security officer Tasha Yar and the Romulan Sela) on the TV series "Star Trek - The Next Generation", was in Sao Paulo in the last week of June for an encounter with fans of Star Trek, that happened on June 28th at the Journalists Union's auditorium.

The actress (granddaughter to Bing Crosby) who is also a movie producer came along the "Trekkies 2" documentary shooting crew (www.trekkies2.com  ). The crew is touring the world interviewing fans of Star Trek who show how the series have influenced their lives. The gang has already gone to several countries in Europe (as their pictures and route map prove on their homepage) and also Australia before coming to spend a week in Sao Paulo.

Denise Crosby has already been in Sao Paulo in1997, when took part at the International Film Festival, held at CineSESC, in Augusta street, with its first documentary "Trekkies" (picturing Star Trek fans in USA and Canada). Since then, "Trekkies" has already been shown worldwide at festivals and Star Trek fans conventions, is available for sale on VHS tape and DVD though Amazon.com and was aired on cable TV in Brazil (Telecine channel). "Trekkies 2" should be release in 2004.


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Denise threatens the village below her.

Carol S. and Thanios Hanzo made Denise blush with their kiss at Denizar and Carina's.

Waldir, the lit'l Borg.

Theatrical group  I.D.I.C. been interviewed for "Trekkies 2", by Louis, Roger and David.

Thiago Borges, William Nakamura and Marcos Oliveira, with Denise Crosby, at TDF31.

Denise signing her photos at TDF31, with the help of Elisa Pacce.

Eduardo Rúbio, Vulcan ambassador in Crisciúma SC.

"Gran Finale" of TDF31: all in costumes on stage with Denise Crosby for the wrapping up.

Ralfo Furtado chats with Denise Crosby no stage at TDF31.

Ralfo Furtado, Alexandre Teruya, Marcelo Brito, Denise Crosby, Mike Leahy and Fabiana Brito, after dinner at Brahma.

Ralfo Furtado, Fabiana Brito, Denise Crosby and Mike Leahy, at crossroad of  Sao João and Ipiranga avenues.

Ralfo Furtado, Denise Crosby and Elisa Pacce, in front of  USS store.

Roger Nygard, Cláudia Roedel, Denise Crosby, Ralfo Furtado and Mike Leahy, at the airport, for goodbye.

Denise Crosby's autograph on TDF31's invitation card.

Denise Crosby's autograph on TDF31's invitation card.

Ralfo Furtado and Denise Crosby after a bunch of sushi and sake during dinner in Japanese district. Notice IFT's shit she is wearing, borrowed from Ralfo.

Dinner at Brahma: Marcelo and Fabiana Brito, Ralfo Furtado, Mike Leahy, Denise Crosby, Cláudia Roedel, Ignácio Rojas, Marcelo, Valdir, Marcial, Alexandre Teruya, Roger Nygard and the driver Leo.

Denise Crosby, Ariadne, Elisa Pacce and Ralfo Furtado, sightseeing on a Volkswagen van to Embu craft fair.

David Doyle, Denise Crosby and Roger Nygard getting ready to shoot the city of Sao Paulo from the top.

The whole "Trekkies 2" crew shooting at Latin America Memorial.

Denise Crosby posing before the monument...

...for cinegraphist David Doyle, sound expert hired in Brazil Louis Robin, director Roger Nygard and producer Mike Leahy.

Denise Crosby's autograph on her last one-real bill left in her wallet after she had already exchanged back to Dollars on the departure day.

Mike Leahy, Roger Nygard, Denise Crosby, Ralfo Furtado, David Doyle and Cláudia Roedel, before Sé Cathedral.

Christina and Cláudia make a klingon sandwitch of Denise.

Everyone on stage for the ending of  TDF31.

At Hilton Hotel stairs: Denise, Roger, David, Mike, the driver of the van Leo and soundguy Louis.

Soundguy Louis Robin and cameraman David Doyle.

Marcial, Odo.

Hilton Hotel, downtown Sao Paulo.

Heroes Outfitters: Waldir, Chris, Edu, Paola, Marcial and Cláudia.

Denise and Ralfo talk over the cardinal points before her chopper flight over SP.

Trekkies2 scene: attendees arriving at  TDF.

Finale of TDF31: Ralfo is beheaded by klingons.


CTrekkies2 scene: Serginho Caffé at radio station Gazeta FM.

Trekkies2 scene: Marcos Kleine and band play Star Trek themes.

Marcos Kleine (wearing a SevTrek t-shirt - the animation he made the soundtrack for) and Denise Crosby.

Band Vega studio, in the north area of Sao Paulo, evening of June 29th 2003: musitians and documentary crew.

Trekkies2 scene: Denizar and Carina Franco's family, at home.

Behind the scenes: all the way from LA, Jennifer Haire sets all details for Trekkies2's coming to SP with Ralfo.


See www.trekkies2.com for pictures (at "Behind the Scenes" section) of the whole world tour, including 31 photos of Brazil.


June 25th, 9am

Disembarking of director Roger Nygard and producer Mike Leahy at Sao Paulo international airport.

June 25th, 10am

Disembarking of Denise Crosby and cinegraphist David Doyle. David is the only one from New York. 

June 25th, 11:30am

Arrival of the two vans at Hilton hotel - Ipiranga ave. Hiring of local soundguy Louis Robin.

June 25th, 1pm

First thing to do: a walk to a currency exchange office close by. 

June 25th, 1:30pm

Lunch at Planeta's. Mike has "feijoada" with "caipirinha", Roger gets a fish stake and David tries a "cuban" beef stake. Roger loved cashew juice. Denise wasn't feeling like lunch, just had a pitcher of juice and went back to the hotel. Day of rest.

June 26th, 10:30am

City tour. Stop at Sé Square. Denise shops at a herbal store.  Another stop at the school that began the city, 450 years ago. David had a coffee, "expresso" style. Another stop before the Municipal Theatre and the "Chá" (tea) viaduct.

June 26th,  noon

Ibirapuera park,  Bandeiras ("flags") monument.  Everyone enjoyed sugar cane juice bought from a vendor next to the lake. Mike tried coconut water too, but rathered the cane. We went on to the Latin America Memorial.

June 26th, 2:30pm

Lunch at Campo de Marte ("Mars Field"), a small aircraft airport.  Denise, Mike and Roger loved pineapple juice. 

Helicopter flight over the city. Afterwards, guava juice at the hangar's snack bar. 

June 26th, 8pm

Dinner at Central Plaza Shoppin Mall's food court, on the way to ABC (Santo Andre, Sao Bernardo and Sao Caetano) area. Denise had arabian food with white wine. Mike ordered a pizza with different toppings each quarter. David got fried chicken and Roger prefereed fish. 

June 26th, 9:30pm

Arrival at Denizar e Carina Franco's, in São Caetano do Sul, where a great number of people awaited to be interviewed for  "Trekkies 2". Denise got embarrassed by Thanios and Carol's french kiss for the camera right before her.

June 27th, 11am

Mike, David and Roger (besides Louis, as always) walked to the  USS store for the interview with Ralfo and Elisa. Denise arrived later. Mike bought a vintage jacket from the seemsstress next door and kept it on ever since.

June 27th, 2pm

Lunch at a "weigh the plate" diner close to Claudia and Ignacio's, that were afterwards interviewed among friends. The cheese rolls got overbaked but  there wasn't any left at the end. Denise got a basket full of homemade beauty products as a gift. 

June 28th, 10am

About 150 people spent morning and afternoon at TDF31, including the president of the Journalists Union, Fred Guedini, who welcame the audience to the place. See whole schedule below.

In the evening, 28 people attended the BBQ restaurant for dinner.  Denise drank "caipirinha" (sugar cane alcohol, sugar and lemon cocktail) and loved fried "polenta".

June 29th, 10am

Mike, David and Roger went to the beach (Ilha Bela) with Leo, the van driver. Denise preffered to stay in SP and rode in a van, borrowed from Volkswagen, to the articraft fair of Embu, with Ralfo as driver, Elisa, Ariadne, Carla and Fernando, followed by other two cars with Cláudia, Ignácio, Valdir, Marcial, Eduardo, Eduardo, Christina and Valdir. Denise bought a vine donkey, a shawl, a wodden toy and a musical instrument.

June 29th, 4pm

Denise and Ralfo (by the VW van) pop on stage at JediCon (Star Wars fans convention) along with Cláudia, who arrived earlier from Embu. Denise took some pictures with fans and signed some of her pictures or anything, at a desk lent by the organizers. Soon  Denise and Ralfo were off, in the VW van, to a Japanese restaurant in the oriental district, for a lot of sake and sushi.

June 29th, 9pm

After meeting the rest of the crew (coming from the beach and speaking wonders about the place) at the hotel, Denise and Ralfo joined the other van, driven by Leo, with Louis, Mike, Roger and David, on a journey to the band Vega's studio, to see  Marcos Kleine and musicians that had composed the soundtrack for the animation "SevTrek" (assembled in Australia with contributions form Canadians).

June 30th, 11am

All the crew meet Sérgio Caffé, host of a radio show on Gazeta FM, who is a trekker and collector of several Star Trek objects displayed in his studio, like a "phaser", a comunicator, and a set of dolls of  Barbie and Ken dressed as Uhura and Kirk.

David was taken to the airport by Leo and  Cláudia and departured. Mike, Denise and Roger had lunch at the restaurant across the street from the hotel, while Ralfo went to get the VW van for the afternoon shooting. 

June 30th, 3pm

It was a long journey to the Aleph publishing house, to interview  Pierluigi Piazzi, responsible for the Star Trek releases of the company and a keen blonde jokes teller.  Denise made fun of having to think a little to understand his jokes.

The Hollywood documentary producer Mike Leahy, was wearing his brown jacket bought from the seemstress' vintage hanger, red shorts and flip-flops.

June 30th, 8pm

Denise and Mike accept Ralfo's suggestion for a night out at Brahma bar, at the corner of Ipiranga and Sao Joao avenues, mentioned in the lyrics of Caetano Veloso (Denise is fond of "bossa nova"). They went on foot, passing along Republica square. Roger and Leo showed up later, too.  There they met the famous political cartoonist Paulo Caruso and the horror movie maker Coffin Joe and his long finger nails. Also there: Cláudia, Ignácio, Valdir, Marcial, Alexandre Teruya (with a bag full of beauty products for Denise) and Marcelo and Fabiana (with a termic box full of homemade goodies for Denise). 

July 1st, 2pm

After exercising at the hotel's gym, Denise and Ralfo walked to the exchange office to change her money back in Dollars, then to a tobacco store looking for a cigar for her husband and passed by USS store again for some pictures and signing, including a R$ 1 bill that she found left in her wallet. Then Ralfo drove Denise in his car to a restaurant of "mineira" food she wanted to go for lunch.  Cláudia and Ignácio joined them for dessert. Denise, Mike and Roger entered the gate at the airport at 8:30pm. The flight left at 10pm.Ralfo, Eduardo, Christina, Ignácio, Cláudia, Marcial and the driver Leo were there for farewell.

How was the TrekDiaFeliz31 schedule:

10am - Screening of STTNG episode "Naked Now", captioned in Portuguese. "Trekkies2" crew was already shooting arriving atendees and all. 

11am - Screening of STTNG double episode "Redemption", parts 1 and 2, captioned in Portuguese.

12:30pm - Lunch break (at the diner nearby, arabian food mostly)

1:15pm - Screening of documentary "Trekkies", captioned in Portuguese.. 

3:15pm - Debate about the behavior of Trekkers in Brazil in comparison with American and Canadian ones displaid on "Trekkies" (on stage: Ralfo Furtado, Clóvis Furlanetto, Silvia Reis and Wilton Ferreira Jr.) followed by a costume walk performed by Cláudia Roedel, Paola Melo Dias, Valdir Rosário, Marcial Pereira, Christina Colella and Eduardo Rúbio.

4:45pm - Re-presentation of famous play "How to Write Your Own Episode of Star Trek", better known as simply "The Bucket", by I.D.I.C. group (Vanessa, Henrique Benites, Fabrício, Sueli, Silvia Hirata, Marcial and Valdir, written by Elaine).

5pm - Screening of music clip tribute to Denise Crosby, with scenes of Tasha Yar and Sela and song performed by Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney, produced by Helton Porfírio.

5:15pm - Denise Crosby on stage for questions and answers session. (It is our intention to, ASAP, have a transcription here of the dialog taped in video) 

6pm - Last announcements and general invitation for dinner at a BBQ restaurant "Pompéia Grill" .


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