Here you get a glimpse of what goes on our site, all in Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil.

We meet at the very heart of São Paulo City - one of the five most populated cities in the world, with about 16 million inhabitants.

Our location and map

We host three main activities on this site:

Our meeting point, collectibles, conventions and excursions.

The Brazilian represetatives of IFT - International Federation of Trekkers.

The Brazilian "Xena - The Warrior Princess" fans refuge.

The Excursions page shows a picture of a group we leaded to a Star Trek convention in Pasadena, California, USA, in 1995; a picture taken at the occasion of Shatner, Nimoy and Kelly on stage; Elisa (my wife and partner) among robots at another convention in Pasadena, in '97; and the front door of our head quarters (same as above).

 95, 96 & 97 Tours - more pictures taken at different conventions in Pasadena: in November '95, April '96 and March '97, our idols and us. Special features: Marina (Troi) Sirtis, Leonard (Spock) Nimoy, Walter (Chekov) Koenig and Erin (Colonel Deering, of "Buck Rogers") Grey's autographs.

How's it - transcriptions of dialogues with George Takei, Walter Koenig, Leonard Nimoy, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Claudia Christian and Erin Grey.

The Experience '98 - April '98 tour to LA and to the theme park in Las Vegas. Photos at the front gate of Bill Shatner's and Leonard Nimoy's and sexy autograph by Claudia Christian (Ivanova, of Babylon 5)

Trekkers - defines "trekkers"(in Portuguese), shows pictures and autographs of Denise (Tasha) Crosby and George (Sulu) Takei when they visited us in São Paulo, Brazil. "Frota Estelar", a Star Trek fan club that we are associated with, hosted Takei and promotes conventions four times a year.

In Memorian - a permanent tribute to the late DeForest Kelley.

Request - a public signing to pressure Brazilian TV Networks to purchase Star Trek series unseen seasons.

The U.S.S. - general info and location of our HQ.

Trinkets - available collectibles for trading. 


GEO 30 Fleet Captain Ralfo Furtado

IFT is a worldwide organization of Star Trek fans based in the USA.There are "chapters" of IFT in several countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Mexico, England, Ireland, Italy, Argentina, Phillipines, England and Brazil.

We are the "flagship" of this sector, called GEO 30 (Geological Extension of Operations 30) which presently includes: USS Argentina (Argentina), USS Monterrey (Mexico), USS Brazil, USS Sao Paulo and USS Fortaleza (Brazil).

"Trek Dia Feliz" is how we named our charity meeting, that happens up to 8 times a year since '98, in the city of Sao Paulo, hosted by both crews of USS Brazil and USS Sao Paulo.

Basically, we get together to watch Star Trek episodes and discuss related subjects while collecting donations (ranging from clothes, food, toys, school stationery to diapers) for charity institutions.

The name came up as a parody of McDonald's "Mac Dia Feliz" in Brazil: on one day a year, the sales of the "BigMac" go to charity.

It's all here.

Warriors of Amphipolis - is the introductory page to the Brazilian Xena fans realm.

Forum - gateway to our discussions and debates, as well as enlisted warriors.

Scroll one - short notes about each episode of Xena TWP season one and her appearences in Hercules..

Scroll two - short notes about each episode of Xena TWP season two.

Scroll three - short notes about each episode of Xena TWP season three.

Scroll four - short notes about each episode of Xena TWP season four.

Xenacon - report on the first convention of Xena fans in Brazil, organized and hosted by us.160 attendees. Guests: the actresses and actors that do the voices-over job in Portuguese, over the main characters of Xena.

The hidden word - the disclaimers at the end of every episode of Xena, translated to Portuguese.

The Board of Xena - Lucy Lawless' biography.

The Board of Gabrielle - Renee O'Connor's biography.

The Board of Joxer - Ted Raimi's biography.

The Board of Ares - Kevin Smith's biography.

The Board of Callisto - Hudson Leick's biography.

The Board of Autolycus - Bruce Campbell's biography.

The Board of Aphrodite - Alexandra Tydings' biography.

Xenaverso - other characters of the show.

Salmonius - available collectible items for trading.

Greece and New Zealand - mithology and scenario.

The bottom of most pages bring "related links", such as  pertinent fan clubs in Brazil and worldwide. Also check LINKS.

Take part in the IFT campaign for a Cpt. Sulu series


Send us a message: ussbrazil@yahoo.com



The Brazilian Xena - The Warrior Princess Fan Club


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